CD Projekt founders resign from positions

Marcin Iwinski and Michal Kicinski stay with company on extended leave

Polish outfit CD Projekt has confirmed to that founders Marcin Iwinski and Michal Kicinski have resigned from their positions and are on extended leave.

Kicinski held the position of CEO at CD Projekt, with Iwinski director of business development. The pair were named Poland's Young Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2008 and founded the company in 1994.

"Both Marcin and Michal have resigned from the positions they held, however they have not left the company," said Hubert Habas, spokesperson for the company.

"They wanted to step back and relax after very busy last period, after finalising the venture with Optimus and other strategic projects and simply decided to take a longer leave in order to restore energy and to avoid being burned out."

Habas said that the departure would not have any affect on CD Projekt's businesses, which as well as game development and digital retail sales, include distribution, localisation and outsourcing services.

CD Projekt was acquired by Polish PC company Optimus in 2009 when it took over the holding company of the business, CDP Investment.

"Every company inside CD Projekt group has their own management working independently from the owners. Therefore neither company nor its projects are threatened or postponed," added Habas.

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