ZeniMax secures $150m for development and acquisitions

Owner of Bethesda set to add more talent to a portfolio that already includes Rage, Fallout and Elder Scrolls

Bethesda parent company ZeniMax Media has secured a further $150 million for future game development and acquisitions.

Funding is from Providence Equity Partners, with ZeniMax stating the money will be used for "additional growth through increased game development, expanded publishing operations, and strategic acquisitions," and follows $300 million investment in 2007.

"Though a number of prominent private equity firms offered to invest with us on attractive terms, we chose Providence as they have proved to be an ideal partner for us over the past three years as we built our business," said ZeniMax founder Robert A. Altman

ZeniMax subsidiary Bethesda Softworks owns Bethesda Game Studios, makers of Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and recently bought Quake and Doom team id Software and Arkane Studios, creators of Arx Fatalis.

"Since our original investment in 2007, ZeniMax Media has tripled the size of its development portfolio and assembled an extraordinary library of major game franchises, along with some of the best development talent in the world," added Providence managing director Michael Dominguez.

ZeniMax also owns ZeniMax Online Studios, a company working on massively multiplayer games, and Vir2L, a casual and mobile games division.

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Edward Fairclough Freelance games journalist 7 years ago
I hope some of this money is given to Bethesda in order to produce an Elder Scrolls V.
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Nick McCrea Gentleman, Pocket Starship7 years ago
I've a feeling the next Elder scrolls we see will be an MMO, which makes me a saaaaaad panda.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Nick McCrea on 7th October 2010 8:53am

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Richard Alpagot7 years ago
I hope not.. leave that to ZeniMax Online. Why spoil a good thing with the single player experience, they have at least a good 4-5 more games out of that if they just go by segments on the elder scrolls map. What I think will be interesting is as to what direction they go in technology wise... Are they going to stop with Gamebryo and focus on the now in-house ID tech 5 engine?

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Richard Alpagot on 7th October 2010 1:23pm

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Carmack has been quoted that Id tech 5 would be used exclusively on Id titles. I can't remember if that was said before or after they were bought by Zenimax or if he was meaning 'id/zenimax titles' or actually just 'id' titles
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Adam Jordan Community Manager, Ubisoft7 years ago
Beth Soft have already stated that they won't make a MMO at all, they will leave that to the online studio but if an Elder Scrolls MMO was to be made, a few of the team would give advice etc.

No offence to Beth Soft but they pretty much excel at single-player games (which is why I am looking forward to seeing the likes of Brink and Hunted) Elder Scrolls itself is a single-player game and coming from someone who has and still plays the Elder Scrolls games, it would initially ruin the series if they implemented MMO or multi-player features this far ahead into the series.

They do have two spin off games, Battlespire and Redguard, which Battlespire was a MMO. So in that respect, I could see that happen with the rumoured Elder Scrolls MMO, which it won't be ES:V but it would be a game that uses the lore of Elder Scrolls etc.

As far as I understand it, they would still use the Gamebyro engine but of course like they did with Oblivion and Fallout 3, they would continue to improve it since the original Gamebyro engine wasn't up to scratch, so they stripped it down and rebuilt it but Ryan is right on the ID tech engine, it has been stated that it would only be used for ID titles.

Overall this is great news and can't wait to see what Zenimax/Beth Soft have in store for the future
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 7 years ago
I would like to see some online elements built in to the next Elder Scrolls game, but I really hope it's not an MMO. I think co-op similar to that seen in Demon's Souls could work, whereby travellers can link up together for a short time - perhaps have encampments scattered around the game which act as lobbies?

I would also like to see more variety in the environment than was in TES IV, as I found the game world to be a little too repetitive and boring, and I hated the Oblivion gates. Something like a dense, unwelcoming forest would be very creepy, and maybe some labyrinthine valleys of razor-sharp rocks. In fact, I thought Morrowind was a much more interesting game than Oblivion was, and if they wanted to jazz it up and bring it to the current-gen of consoles I'd be most welcoming.

Anyway, this announcement is good for ZeniMax & Bethesda - hopefully they can keep making great games and increase their presence as a publisher.
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Morrowind was an excellent game, if a little difficult to love at first. Oblivion has some well documented issues (auto levelling of NPCs? every face the same?) but it was still good. I agree with Edward, Beth should concentrate on making really good single player RPGs with massive open varying worlds, varying levels of difficulty depending on where you go, rather than on what your own level is, and making them gritty and challenging. Ditch the easy single game thread, forget 'collecting 10 of this', you can even forget the decision->consequence stuff.... Spend the time on worlds, items, characters, voice acting, traditional story, then do console port conversion later!
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