Mobigame may seek reparations from Langdell

iPhone dev claims fight against defeated Edge Games boss is "not over yet"

Developer Mobigame, which was last year forced to change the name of its iPhone game EDGE, is considering legal action against disgraced Edge Games boss Tim Langdell.

With a California judge this week denying Landgell's attempted injuction against EA's Mirror's Edge, and revealing that the notorious 'trademark troll' had apparently faked evidence to support his patent office application, Mobigame is confident there is more to come.

"It is not over yet," Mobigame CEO David Papazian told "Now we will continue to support EA in the battle against Tim Langdell. The next step is to have all his trademarks cancelled by the USPTO."

"After that he will not be able to damage anyone."

Revealing that Mobigame's iPhone title EDGE now boasted its original title again and would soon see PSP and iPad versions, Papazian thanked site Chaos Edge and EA for their work in outing Langdell's falsified patent applications - including doctored magazines and box art.

"We are still thinking to start a legal action against Langdell to claim a reparation for the prejudice," Papazian claimed, although future projects remained its main priority.

Any developers seeking action against Langdell is likely dependent on whether any criminal or civil action is indeed brought against him for his doctored trademark evidence.

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Latest comments (3)

Stephen Northcott Senior Consulting Engineer 11 years ago
I'll bring the popcorn...
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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 11 years ago
I hope all the developers affected in the past get a share of this justice.
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Gonzalo Figueroa Game Designer, CNG Studios11 years ago
Me too, I reallly hope that all the affected developers can now take it back! In fact maybe now they can re-launch Soul Calibur with the Original name (Soul Edge). Mobigame you can do it!!! Just take him out forever!
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