Zynga buys Bonfire Studios as acquisition spree continues

Social games giant grabs former Ensemble Studios talent and renames team Zynga Dallas

Social games giant Zynga continues its acquisition spree by snapping up Bonfire Studios, renaming the outfit Zynga Dallas.

Bonfire was established in 2008 by veterans of acclaimed studio Ensemble, which was dismantled by Microsoft after the release of Halo Wars, with the team also having worked on Age of Empires and Age of Mythology.

Co-founders David Rippy, Bill Jackson and Scott Winsett will remain with the company, taking on the roles of general manager, senior art director and creative director, respectively.

Zynga has continued to grow rapidly in 2010 - the firm has moved into a 2000-desk office in San Francisco, and expanded out into regions with acquisitions in China, Germany and India.

Zynga Dallas strengthens the company's development capabilities in the US, which already include Rock Legends creator Serious Business and Challenge Games, now renamed Zynga Austin.

Zynga's games include Frontierville, Farmville, Special Forces, Vampire Wars and Mafia Wars

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Latest comments (4)

Jonny Pickton Studying Diploma in Games Design, Futureworks11 years ago
Good acquisition by Zynga I suppose. The skills transferable from Ensemble will relate well into their style of games, like Farmville etc.

Still, id rather them not make anymore games like Farmville. Ever...
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Private Industry 11 years ago
I`m not sure that this isn`t going to backfire in the near future. Making a lot of acquisitions in a rather short amount of time can go wrong very fast if they don`t have a proper long term plan or when people get bored of facebook games since that`s the only thing Zynga is doing. Looks risky to me.
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Edward Hunter Assistant Designer, Electronic Arts11 years ago
Is this the rise of a new 'Evil Empire'?
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Show all comments (4)
Private Industry 11 years ago
Maybe more like young Anakin, a bit to ambitious, but nothing compared to the Emperor.

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