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Yuji Naka was working on two cancelled Kinect and Move projects

Sonic creator also has some concerns about Japanese development

Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator Yuji Naka has revealed he cancelled his first two projects for motion controllers Kinect and Move.

Naka, now heading up own studio Prope, did not give further details on the lost games, but remained optimistic about Microsoft and Sony's new add-ons.

"I am very much excited about those new developments," he told the crowd at the Eurogamer Expo in London today. "I do enjoy working with new hardware. So I am hoping to create something exciting using those new technologies.

"Actually I worked on two games which unfortunately didn't come out, but those games were using those two technologies."

The Knights and Phantasy Star producer seemed somewhat less inspired by mobile platforms, however.

"I think all the new technologies including Android and iPhone are very fascinating for a game creator," he said, "but Prope is quite a small team - we haven't had time to think about using those technologies."

Naka also addressed recent comments by Capcom's Keiji INafune, claiming that Japanese development was five years behind the West.

"You could say that Japanese developers today are behind Western competitors in terms of technology," he admitted.

"But at the same time Japanese developers still come up with new game ideas and styles that are very much different from Western counterparts. I also think that Japanese development is catching up to the West in terms of technology too.

"So I do agree with [Inafune's] comments to some extent, but I believe Japanese games technology has its own strong areas to compete with Western titles."

Naka, who was presenting his upcoming DS and Wii title Ivy The Kiwi, also revealed that the original Sonic game remains his proudest creation.

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Private Industry 10 years ago
Fully agree with him that Japanese games are only behind when it comes to the tech.
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Tony Johns10 years ago
Western Games are mostly but not always focus on realistic graphics as they feel that is what the developers feel that their audience wants.

Japanese games are mostly but not always focus on the Japanese Anime art style and make themselves completely different than the games from the West because that is what the developers feel that their audience wants.
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