New Medal of Honor is most pre-ordered ever

EA claims high demand for controversy-boosted franchise reboot

EA has revealed that its latest iteration of Medal of Honor is the most pre-ordered in the series' history.

The Afghanistan-set modern warfare game has garnered the most pre-release sales in the eleven years since the line launched.

Numbers were not provided however, while previous installments arguably pre-date the current trend towards retailer-promoted, bonus-laden pre-orders.

Controversy surrounding the game's option to play as Taliban soldiers in multiplayer has helped to raise the title's profile, while US pop band Linkin Park were drafted in to help promote this series reboot.

Medal of Honor launches October 12 in the US and October 15 in Europe.

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Terence Gage Freelance writer 8 years ago
I can't see this meaning a great deal, in context of the genre as a whole. I mean, Frontline was probably the last really big series entry and that was PS2-only on its launch -- the ones thereafter were nowhere near as anticipated or acclaimed (I think Rising Sun probably did very well commercially, but didn't make the impact of its predecessor).

I would be interested in seeing it actual pre-order numbers, to see how it compares to Black Ops, or even perhaps Bad Company 2.
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David Stenow8 years ago
The huge pre-orders we're seeing for the big releases today is a pretty recent thing. I doubt MoH had more than 500 000, and that's being generous.
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Alexander Sklyarov Journalist, newsmaker 8 years ago
I think that most of preorders maded in fact of forthecoming demo of BF 3.
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Jordan Woodward Level Designer, Rebellion Developments8 years ago
Most of the preorders for MoH are just for the BF3 beta access. I know at least 5 of my friends who are going to buy MoH just for BF3, they don't even intend to play MoH much, if at all.

I'm tempted myself, just to get the BF3 beta.
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Pete Thompson Editor 8 years ago
MoH Seems to have picked up a lot of pre order sales from online multiplayer gamers who have had enough of Call of Duty games being hacked or glitched and of course the idiot gamers who lack any kind of skill and only care about going through the hundreds of ranks by lobbing grenades or glitchng nukes for the XP.. MoH during the beta Seemed to be more stable with less glitching, which is also why Bad Company 2 Online is very popular.. Stop the glitching in Call Of Duty and Black Ops may get more sales..
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Arjen Meijer Owner, RedCell8 years ago
does this mean EA will just beta out all there games and sell them just so ppl can hop onto the next beta?
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Munro350 Mun gamer 8 years ago
@ Arjen Meijer : I guess that is option that most certainly has been put on the table.
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