Ubisoft re-evaluates Brazilian operations

Closure of Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre studios denied, but staff counts under threat

Following reports that it would entirely shut down its Brazilian offices, Ubisoft has revealed that it is indeed reviewing its plans for South America.

Ubisoft opened its Sao Paulo studio in 2008, and went on to acquire local developer Southlogic last year.

Both studios have worked solely on DS and casual games, such as Imagine Party Planner, to date, with Ubisoft originally planning to expand headcounts to 200.

However, Ubisoft earlier this year stated its intention to refocus on core games, following poor sales from its casual titles.

Ubisoft's Brazilian director Bertrand Chaverot has refuted claims by local site Canal dos Games that the French publisher was to close both offices.

He confirmed, however, that plans for the territory were being reviewed, with the second office Porto Alegre in particular slated to lose staff.

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Lewie Procter Editing Manager, SavyGamer9 years ago
Imagine that.
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Bernard Graham Lead Game Designer, Olympya Software9 years ago
I fancy a life on Canada's Mountains. =P
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Camila Chimello Writer 9 years ago
I didnt know about the games that Ubi Brasil make, only when this news came out yesterday... And im brazilian... Sad for people who lose their job.
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Adriano De Lima C/C++ Developer 9 years ago
Camila you don't know about that games developed in Ubsoft Brazil because they do not sell then in the Brazilian market. It's really shame. Do you know somebody who bought dating games or any other tween games for DS on Brazil?
In fact they're available to buy, especially in shopping malls, but.....

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Adriano De Lima on 29th September 2010 6:09pm

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Adriano De Lima C/C++ Developer 9 years ago
Graeme, I believe you like to work in The Ubisoft Brazilian studios, but forget about the stories of indians and jungles , please.......
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Mario Rodriguez Gonzalez Game Evaluation Analyst, Electronic Arts9 years ago
Great to see that news of staff cuts make people so prone to amiable jokes. Makes me feel so relieved knowing if someday it happens to me, people won't be sad...
*Sarcasm mode off*
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Yiannis Koumoutzelis Founder & Creative Director, Neriad Games9 years ago
It is very sad to hear about studios closing...

but did anyone think that perhaps we are making too many games?
especially of the kind that imagine series were offering?
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