Ignition closes Ealing studio

No more UK development as UTV-owned firm looks to external studios instead

Developer Ignition is to close the doors of its London studio, has learned.

The company is in the process of laying off an undisclosed number of staff, and has wound up internal development on upcoming titles Wardevil (already much-delayed) and Project Kane.

However, both games have apparently passed proof of concept stage, with Ignition hinting that their future - if they have one - may lie in outsourcing.

Ignition was acquired by India media giant UTV in 2007, and also has studios in Florida, China, Austin and Tokyo.

The company will retain a corporate headquarters in London, but now seeks to work primarily with external developers in more of a publishing role. understands the Ealing-based studio is to close on October 31.

Said Hassan Sadiq, Group Chairman at Ignition Entertainment in a statement, "Throughout the last year Ignition has gone through a number of changes, including bringing in a strong new management team with a core focus of working with the world's best external developers to bring AAA content to emerging downloadable platforms.

"This week saw the pre-scheduled completion of a six month proof of concept project on the War Devil / Project Kane titles internally, which the board and studio management are currently evaluating as to whether the required quality will be achieved by completing internally or with an external partner.

"The London office will continue to operate as the global headquarters for Ignition's corporate and fast growing publishing business. Development is ramping up at Ignition's free-to-play studios based in Austin and Beijing, as well as at internal console development studios in Florida ('Reich') and Tokyo ('El Shaddai' – winner of CESA's most anticipated title at TGS 2010).

"These combined with a number of new publishing acquisitions for release in calendar 2011 will ensure we meet the challenge of transforming into a next-generation publishing powerhouse head on."

Ignition's last title was XBLA and PC multiplayer shooter Blacklight: Tango Down, which was met with a mixed critical response.

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Lewis Brown Snr Sourcer/Recruiter, Electronic Arts11 years ago
I spoke to someone at Ignition today not realising this had happened sad news!
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Adam Campbell Studying Games Technology, City University London11 years ago
So, Wardevil was vapourware of sorts.
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robert troughton Managing Director, Coconut Lizard11 years ago
Yet more bad news for the UK... I knew some good people at Ignition. Hopefully everyone will find some new - and better - soon.

Hopefully people get their redundancy cheques - it seems far too common in the UK lately that companies are closing down without paying out...
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Adam Campbell Studying Games Technology, City University London11 years ago
..what worries me more across the board is the fact major publishers are prepared to simply cancel productions that have had as much as $50 Million or even more thrown into them.
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James Barnard Lead Designer, LucasArts11 years ago
Oh my...I worked on Wardevil for a short while. I could talk about the development and stuff from my perspective, but there is no point. It's always very sad when people lose their jobs, and there is no question that some of the people I worked with all that time ago were very talented, good luck to all in your new endeavors.
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Josef Brett Animator 11 years ago
Again more bad news for the Industry (British in particular).

Good luck to all those being layed off firstly.

Secondly, I was watching Wardevil with great interest. Technically it looked very impressive and like a potential leap forward in terms of development (though obviously something wasn't going well with it).

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Sebastian Moss Editor -in- Chief, PlayStation LifeStyle11 years ago
Damn, while I'm not that surprised this has happened, its terrible news for the industry and of course those involved. Good luck to those who've lost their jobs.
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Kieran Brigden Studio Communications Manager, The Creative Assembly11 years ago
This is sad news.

In case any of the staff from Ignition check in on this article, we've got jobs at Creative Assembly here in the UK, so please do look us up if you need other options.

Good luck to you all.
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Miguel Angel Lozano Aleman Game Desiger & UI designer 11 years ago
Sad news for them and for me too... I lost my job last monday... but in another company :( Good luck for all the unemployers!! :)

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Miguel Angel Lozano Aleman on 29th September 2010 9:26pm

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Mike Rusby 3d character modeller 11 years ago
sad to hear. good luck to those affected
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