Former Frogster execs to launch new free-to-play business

Neonga to operate MMOGs in Europe, confirms Kloppel

Two former Frogster execs have started a new online games company, Neonga, specialising in free-to-play games for the European market.

Rolf Kloppel, former director of marketing for Frogster Online Gaming, left the company in the spring of this year after deciding to waive a contract with the publisher, and teamed up with Benjamin Kaiser, previously director of research and development at Frogster.

"Neonga is currently preparing for the roll-out in the online gaming market, aiming to license, develop, operate and market free-to-play massively multiplayer online games," Kloppel told

"We are about to move into our office in Berlin and building up manpower and infrastructure to be able to play an eminent part in the online games business in the near future."

Commenting on rumours that recently dismissed executives from Frogster, Ralf Kloppel and Bjorn and Lars Koschin would soon join the new venture, he said that there were no immediate plans, but would welcome future collaboration.

"I would be honoured and extremely happy if they would join us in the future as they are real professionals and very experienced in the online gaming market," said Kloppel. "You hardly find a bunch of people as skilled as they are."

While Kloppel launches a new online business, former employer Frogster is currently being acquired by publisher Gameforge.

Neonga is expected to make further public announcements in the coming months.

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Jamy Nigri V.P. Biz Dev & Publishing, Super Cool Games & Awesome IP!, Jagex Games Studio7 years ago
ditto the comments re messr's koschin and kloppel. truly top notch talent! :)
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Well, good luck. They will need it in the toughest online market at the moment.
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Quite talented group, best of luck
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Ken Addeh7 years ago
One of the toughest and from, what I can see, one of the most flooded online markets in terms of how many f2p games there are - although those are mostly East-Asian based games translated for the international players.

I look forward to seeing what they have in store for the European market.
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