Doublesix secures WWTBAM licence

Quiz to get themed DLC based on popular entertainment properties

UK developer Doublesix is working on the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire licence, with plans to release co-branded quiz packs tied to popular entertainment properties.

DLC for the title with be themed around various game, comic, movie, book and TV brands, which players can download to enhance the classic Who Wants To Be A Millionaire backdrop.

"The downloadable content does not just provide you with questions, but also can re-skin the game you see, replacing the classic set, host, contestants and of course the phone a friend voices," said Doublesix studio head James Brooksby.

"The important thing for us is that we have a wide range of DLC, some that appeals to the hardest of the hardcore gamers and some that appeals to the family player."

Sony Pictures Television's 2waytraffic managed the development deal, which will see Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Special Editions released in the first quarter of 2011, co-published by Deep Silver.

The TV property may be twelve years old, but Brooksby said that it still draws an audience making it ideal for new digital extensions.

"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire certainly has been around for a while and that has made it the worlds number one game show. And as we were looking for a game show to bring our digital co-branding idea to, why not go with the best there is."

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Nick Ferguson Sr. Business Development Manager, Amazon7 years ago
Fingers crossed for a South Park edition!
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You never know Nick ;-)
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Russell Watson Senior Designer, Born Ready Games7 years ago
Congrats to everyone at D6 :)
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Karl Jeffery Founder & CEO, Arooga7 years ago
Yeah, nice job James, should be a good fit :-)
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