Yellow, green and blue DSi XLs for Europe

Nintendo refreshes its top-end handheld despite looming 3DS

Nintendo has confirmed the European release of three new colours of DSi XL, which arrived in Japan a few months back.

The new SKUs, coupled with a price drop, caused a brief tripling of Japanese DSi XL sales, though Sony's PSP has since re-assumed chart dominance.

The yellow, green and blue handhelds will be on sale from October 8, in time for the Christmas rush.

The devices will sport no changes beyond the cosmetic, and there's no word of the price cut the US and Japan have enjoyed.

Nintendo has also revealed that DSi XL sales total 3.6 million units worldwide, as of this June.

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Miguel Melo Principal Software Engineer/Product Manager 9 years ago
I don't know how it will look "in the flesh", but on the article's photo the green XL is truly awful.
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