SPIL and Google to host Game Jam

80 developers expected for 32 hours of HTML5 game creation in October

SPIL Games and Google have announced a partnership to host a Game Jam in October, specifically designed to get developers creating games using the new HTML5 standard.

The event will take place across the weekend of October 9-10 in Hilversum, the Netherlands, and will feature talks on technology followed by game pitches and content creation.

"This game jam is the latest development in our HTML5 strategy, and we're thrilled to work with Google on this," said Peter Driessen, CEO of SPIL. "An open, free weekend of hardcore coding fits perfectly in our strategy to unite the world in play, and we can't wait to see what comes out of the weekend."

SPIL announced its support for HTML5 last month in a move that allows gamers to access titles on its websites on mobile platforms for the first time.

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Matt Hackett Game Developer, Lost Decade Games8 years ago
Ehh, I dunno. I love Google and all but SPIL's latest contest seemed to just be ploy to get original games for cheap.
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