Hetherington linked to new Project MyWorld owner

Report suggests RTW chairman part of mystery US firm

Realtime Worlds' chairman and chief strategy officer Ian Hetherington is said to be involved with the US firm that has bought Project MyWorld after the collapse of the Scottish developer.

According to a report by The Courier, Hetherington has not put up all the money to buy the in-development PC game, but is involved with the US company that has insisted on remaining anonymous since the purchase.

Project MyWorld remains in development in Dundee with a staff of just over 20 employees, and the game is expected to be released early next year.

Ian Hetherington was founder of Psygnosis, sold to Sony in 1993. He also founded MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios, again sold to Sony in 2007 for an estimated £16 million.

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Latest comments (2)

Mike Wuetherick Lead Designer, Super Mega Awesome Games11 years ago
more than a little bit sketchy - nothing like backdooring your way out of a massive loss by buying the assets from the old company into a new one.
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Tom Hillman Games Editor, Square-Go.com11 years ago
Very sad to see Realtime Worlds go down. Hopefully they'll be able to regroup and get something going again quickly.
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