$39m revenue in first half of 2010 for Habbo dev

Sulake pulls in $4.5m profit in first six months of the year following lay-offs

Sulake, owner of teen-orientated social MMO Habbo (aka Habbo Hotel), has revealed revenues of $39 million for the first six months of this year.

That's up 20 per cent on the same period last year, and sees a reversal of the Finnish company's previous revenue decline.

Sulake also claimed profits of $4.5 million for January to June 2010.

Said Sulake CEO Timo Soinine,. "This performance is thanks to systematic work in developing our operating model, cost savings and most importantly, continual focus on developing the Habbo Hotel product and community."

The referenced cost savings involved the reported dismissal of an estimated 20 per cent of Sulake employees last Autumn.

While Habbo Hotel sports 15 million users, it has not been a part of the recent Facebook-orienated social gaming goldrush.

Admitted Soinine, "We expect to continue on the same track, and have yet to fully utilize the potential of social networks as a source of growth."

Habbo Hotel, launched in 2000, remains Sulake's primary earner. However, the firm has released graphical chatroom Bobba Bar for the iPhone.

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Jordan Woodward Level Designer, Rebellion Developments7 years ago
I'm not surprised...I wasted a fair bit of (my parents) money on this when I was 12 lol.
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