Dead Rising: Case Zero passes 300,000 downloads

Public leaderboards of paid-for 360 prequel show strong global sales in first week

Dead Rising: Case Zero, the paid-for prequel to Dead Rising 2 - which Capcom released in place of a free demo - has sold well over 300,000 copies globally in its first week, according to public leaderboards.

The title, which is available exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade for 400 Microsoft Points ($5/3.40/4.80), has over 328,290 different scores registered on its leaderboard, a figure which indicates a significant level of success to what was essentially something of an experiment.

Digital download specialist site Gamerbytes reports that, if Microsoft has taken its usual 30 per cent take of the revenue, Capcom will have generated somewhere in the region of $1.1 million from sales of the game in the first week. It's thought that the success of Case Zero could trigger a wave of paid-for demos across XLBA and PSN.

Earlier this month, Capcom's head of global research and development Keiji Inafune told sister site Eurogamer that he wanted Dead Rising to supersede Resident Evil in terms of success.

"The goal for Dead Rising 2 is to replace the Resident Evil franchise and become the number one IP within Capcom," he said.

The game has yet to be released in Japan, where it was delayed from an original release date of 31 August, reportedly because of its violent content.

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Kevin Clark-Patterson Lecturer in Games Development, Lancaster and Morecambe College7 years ago
Wow, pretty impressive figures although it would be interesting to see how many downloads the original Dead Rising demo had to compare against, i.e. free vs paid. Ignoring things like market awareness, penetration, expectation etc

The only difference between a demo and this 'paid for prequel' is gamerscore = ultimately it isnt a demo its a mini game, with a start - middle - end.

Demo's as often incomplete titles put out to wet the appetite of gamers and dont represent final quality of the product, Capcom wouldnt be get away with that on a paid for download...regardless of price.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 7 years ago
I believe both Crytek and EA have previously said they see free demos coming to an end, and I think that's going to start to happen soon. For the publisher I think it's quite a good business model really, so long as they offer adequate content for a sensible price, and release content which can act as a standalone episode that does not affect the quality of the full game if you do not buy the 'demo'. On this basis I think Case Zero is quite a good experiment.
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Mark Raymond Gamer; Consumer; Blogger 7 years ago
With the trial version I'd argue you get just enough playability to get some sort of reliable impression of the basic mechanics of the game. If paid demos were to come as more fleshed out experiences along with a trial segment then I don't see that there will be a problem.
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Britton Taylor Quality Assurance Tester, TimeGate Studios7 years ago
The download is definitely worth the money... My friends and I have enjoyed it for a probably combined 15 hours or so. While paid demos seems a bit too much, prequels and polished demos like this certainly deserve my $5. But I'm afraid not all traditional demos, i.e. 2 levels to race on, 5 minutes game time, will be worth consumers' money in the future.
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chris savage HR Administrator & Recruitment Coordinator, Babel Media7 years ago
This is much much better than Fable II's Pub Games

Edited 1 times. Last edit by chris savage on 8th September 2010 4:30pm

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Kevin Clark-Patterson Lecturer in Games Development, Lancaster and Morecambe College7 years ago
Ill let you know if it is worth it after I have played it - it's on my download queue!
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Shane McCafferty iOS Developer/Consultant, Shane McCafferty7 years ago
Key question - Did it stop you buying the full release?
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