68,000 attend PAX, international follow-up planned

Latest Penny Arcade expo is largest consumer show in US

The seventh annual PAX Prime conference attracted 67,600 visitors, its organisers have revealed. This is an increase of 7000 over last year's show.

The consumer expo, established by the creators of online game comic Penny Arcade, has now become the largest of its kind in the US, casting a tall shadow over E3 2010's 45,600 visitors - although that is of course trade-only. Last month's GamesCom remains the largest show internationally, drawing 254000 consumers.

Even March's Boston-based spin-off, PAX East, lured 52,290 attendees, and will next year move to larger premises.

The success has led to Penny Arcade owners Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins discussing the possibility of a third, international event.

Gamasutra claimed the destination would be "somewhere the duo want to visit."

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Latest comments (7)

Neil Alphonso Lead Designer, Splash Damage Ltd7 years ago
Largest of its kind? I thought Gamescom recorded 254,000, which was something to behold. Unless its a different kind?
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 7 years ago
Doesn't PAX have a focus on Indie titles though? Maybe that's what they mean.

I'm surprised E3 got only 45,000 visitors though - even the third Eurogamer Expo this year (or 'E2' :D) is projecting 20,000 visitors.
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Neil Alphonso Lead Designer, Splash Damage Ltd7 years ago
I would think largest of its kind would categorize as open to the public, whereas E3 is industry only. PAX has historically been about Indie titles, but with this year's lineup I think that's a stretch.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.7 years ago
E3 is trade industry only. It's not open to the public. I think comparing the attendance of the 2 events is unfair to E3.

I believe there is also a difference in the manner which attendees are counter for. For E3, attendees are counted via qualified registrations and they will likely attend across all 3 days. Public venues add the total count of all 3 days combined (possibly including repeat visitors).
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Mbuso Radebe Producer, Capcom Vancouver7 years ago
The article says "the largest of its kind in the US" which explains why they go on to mention "GamesCom remains the largest show internationally".
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Nick Ferguson Sr. Business Development Manager, Amazon7 years ago
Congratulations to the Penny Arcade guys. Loonygames seems a long time ago! :)
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Thaadd Powell Sales Rep, ACD Game Distribution7 years ago
I've been to PAX (Seattle) once for work with a booth (2008), and once as a normal human(2010). It's a very enjoyable show to work and attend - they went out of their way to afford networking time to the booth staff, for the 2008 show I was working, they booted the attendees out, rolled out food and drinks, and we had several hours of chatting and strolling around and checking things out (and playing new things!). I'm lobbying hard to get my work to go again, despite costs and it falling just after the hobby games big show (GenCon).
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