Latest PlayStation 3 firmware prevents PSjailbreak

Sudden 3.42 system software update reportedly blocks piracy-enabling exploit

A quiet update to the PlayStation 3's system software has stopped the recent PSjailbreak piracy hack from functioning.

Speaking to our sister site Eurogamer, Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter explained that the discreetly-released 3.42 update, which will be required to access the PlayStation Network service as of today, will actively prevent the security bypass known as PSjailbreak working.

However, it may be possible for hackers to reverse engineer the download to re-enable the hack. Offline machines will not be affected.

"Yes, people have tried it and the Jailbreak no longer works," Leadbetter told Eurogamer.

"3.42 is the only way to access PSN, so in Sony's world you have to upgrade. However, for now it looks like people who have the Jailbreak are sticking to 3.41 and using a proxy server bypass to remain online.

"Going forward, the hackers will be attempting to reverse engineer future firmwares and producing custom versions that keep the exploit working."

Sony recently won a case in Australia to have the PSjailbreak kit removed from online retail stores, as well as forcing a blanket ban on sales and imports of the device in the country.

Sony is also making inroads into having the device ruled as illegal in the United States.

The homebrew alternative to PSJailbreak, known as PSgroove wasn't covered by the legal rulings, but has also been affected by the firmware update.

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Latest comments (17)

Private Industry 7 years ago
Guess from now on we will see more frequently updates if they adapt the hack to the latest firmwares.
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Josef Brett Animator 7 years ago
That's good news for now...

How long til this update is hacked and how many people will just download a load of fantastic single player games and keep thier machine offline til they've completed them?

It's a tough one from Sony. Just seen this on Gizmodo. people are going to town with the 'Jailbreak'
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Craig Morrison Website Management & Moderation, ChillaxHQ7 years ago
I'm seriously hoping they find a way to sort this out permanently. Otherwise I can see the console going the way of the PSP. More frequent updates is a small price to pay as long as they resolve the issue.

I'm surprised nobody has actually used a PSP to do this yet...
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Christopher Bowen Owner, Gaming Bus 7 years ago
This is going to make it plainly obvious just how bad Sony's update schema is. It takes like fifteen minutes to load firmware - maybe more - but it's always been OK because every firmware addition adds functionality. Now, with Sony about to start updating on a weekly basis, this is going to get very annoying for gamers, very quickly.
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Josef Brett Animator 7 years ago
It's a very good point about the length of the firmware updates. Isn't it something they were looking to resolve for PSN+ account holders (or am I making that up)?

Also, if that is the only way to stop this (so not really stopping it completely), then I fear it could go the way of the PSP. Would be a terrible shame.
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Private Industry 7 years ago
The PSN+ solution is that the update should be downloaded with the automatic download feature that also downloads demos.
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Miguel Melo Principal Software Engineer/Product Manager 7 years ago
What Christopher Bowen said. If this becomes par for the course it's gonna get old very soon. I think they better go back to just updating the FW when there are actually new features and just live with the fact that some people will be able to play hacked games for a while between updates.
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Luis Morales Public relations, Med Mercs7 years ago
It was just a matter of time...............
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Private Industry 7 years ago
I can`t agree Miguel, because if the people can hack games they are probably also going to be able to use cheats in online games. Rather spend the 10 minutes updating firmware every 2 weeks compared to have to play online games with people who cheat for 4-8 weeks.

Sony should think about some way to permanently ban consoles who run the hacked games from the PSN and I don`t mean specific profiles, but the full console like MS can ban the consoles from the use of Xbox LIVE.
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Shanker Manokaran Product Developer, Razer7 years ago
Hmm.. maybe, just maybe, security companies, like Vasco, would start a new whole era of gaming "hack free" IP.. and it would involve using their IC chips on consoles to prevent any non signature firmware updates or game hacks/cheats for that... Im just saying..
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Shane Sweeney Academic 7 years ago
The way of the PSP? The Xbox 360 and Wii havnt had sales hurt by it. For a good number of years the Nintendo DS was just rolling in cash for third parties as well.
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James Verity7 years ago
I love it when people comment with things like "good at least people cannot cheat online in games"... you must have been away on another planet or you dont play online much...

Sony have allowed people to cheat (not only glitch), running hacks in game and fiddling trophies etc. so to all those that say the PS3 games are cheat free... they are not... there are loads and loads of cheaters in certain games...

Sony just turn a blind eye pretending it dosnt exist and thats where the problems stem from... they say as it isnt effecting PSN it dosnt matter if someone cheats in a third party game...

all those that hacked the MW2 scores and prestige should have been banned in an instant, these are the ones that think its acceptable to hack a game and will be the ones to pirate software...

Edited 2 times. Last edit by James Verity on 8th September 2010 1:53pm

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Josef Brett Animator 7 years ago
Werner - chears for clarifying the PSN+

Piracy is bad, Mmm-k
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Private Industry 7 years ago
I play a lot of online games and so far the people I came across who cheated used glitches in the games itself. With the system hacked I would expect to see a lot more things that are not due to glitches in the games. For me there is a big difference between using glitches and bugs and using cheats that are not in the game. I don`t support using glitches and bugs, but for that you shouldn`t ban people since it`s the fault of the developer to have a bugy game. Everything that is in an unaltered game, either by design or not, isn`t the fault of the user.

Besides nobody said anything like "good at least people cannot cheat online in games", actually on the opposite that the chances with the hacked system are now highers that people are going to use cheats.
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Vitalii Moskalets Game Designer, GameLoft7 years ago
Well, at least some people will now be able to play in more games on PS3 than before, because anyway they couldn't buy them all. In any case, with every update user still will need to updated the hack, and it is annoying too.

BUT :) The main point. At least maybe now people who like to say "sales on consoles are better than on PC, because there is no piracy on consoles" will re-think WHY there is the piracy in game industry?
So, interesting to see the development of that story
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Luigi Fusco Designer, Beautiful Game Studios7 years ago
Just out of curiosity - do many games on XBL have people using custom created cheats on them from players who are using pirate copies?*

*If yes - that's why I get my arse kicked so much then! :)
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Private Industry 7 years ago
MS bans modded consoles usually rather fast so hard to say.
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