Sony files US suit against PSJailbreak distributor, wins victory in Australia

Australian retailers remove JailBreak from inventories as Federal Court issues permanent injunction

Sony Computer Entertainment America has filed suit against an online stockist of the notorious PSJailbreak device., owned by one Zoomba LDC, is one of two distributors endorsed by the makers of the anti-copy protection device.

Sony has accused it of copyright violation, contravening the DMCA and trademark infringement, amongst other charges.

The suit was filed in the California Northern District Court two days ago, and seeks an injunction against sale of the USB dongle, plus damages.

Sony is also currently pursuing an injunction against sale of the device in Australia.


A ruling by an Australian court appears to indicate that Sony has won its case to have the PS JailBreak removed from stores and resellers across the country.

OzModChips, ModSupplier, and Quantronics have all already removed the product from their websites, and official court documents show that retailers have been ordered to surrender all profits from the sales of JailBreak to Sony, as well compensating them for the inconvenience caused.

Perhaps even more damningly, The Federal Court of Australia has issued a permanent injunction which rules that the device cannot be sold or imported into the country until further notice. JailBreak is named specifically as a product in the injunction, meaning that other products with the same functionality are not covered

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Andrew Jakobs Lead Programmer 9 years ago
Well, Sony can do what they want ofcourse, but the cat's out of the bag, and as a consumer you must be pretty stupid to order the PSjailbreak. Just order an USB-devboard (already sold out on a lot of electronic sites) and use google for the software.. The only thing Sony can do is try to block it using a firmware, I hope for Sony they can block it, but personally I'm not that fond anymore with Sony for stealing my OtherOS.. I just hope they will restore OtherOS (even though I doubt it will, and in that case this new hack is a good thing for us except for the possibility to run pirated ISO's which ofcourse isn't a good thing)
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James Verity9 years ago
think Sony should really be concentrating on stopping the PS3 USB ports from working and remove them just like they did with OtherOS...
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Private Industry 9 years ago
Don`t mind homebrew, of course that copy ISO thing is something completely different. Have no clue about the hack, but probably a firmware update combined with some Blu Ray disc changes could stop that. There must be something they can do disc based like write some additional lines that prevents the hack from working as it does right now. As people can guess now I`m bad at programming and have little knowledge about it.
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Charles Junglas9 years ago
Well here in the US, I know Apple had a set back, because the courts ruled that it was okay to use the jail break method to change carriers.

So I am not saying Sony wont win here in the States, but Sony may have a tougher challenge here then they did in the Land down Under.
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Private Industry 9 years ago
The iPhone jail breaker was a different case. If you can insert any disc and copy it to the HDD and then play the game it`s a bit different to the apple one. Apple lost because it was ruled that there is not infringement on copyrights and not piracy. That device is clearly used with the main focus on piracy and not to change a carrier.

I read somewhere that people try to make a jail breaker without the functionality to copy discs and run the games from HDD and just have functions that allow homebrew, now in that case Sony would have a hard time to win.

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