Project MyWorld snapped up by US company: report

Purchaser retains anonymity, future of APB remains uncertain

It has been alleged that an American firm has this week purchased Project MyWorld from the administrators of Realtime Worlds.

The report by Develop did not name the mystery firm, but if it is indeed American, earlier suggestion that Realtime World's Dundee-based bosses Dave Jones and Ian Hetherington were planning on buying the social game back would appear unfounded.

Also alleged is that Realtime World's other title, the commercially unsuccessful MMO APB, is not part of the deal, leaving its fate unknown.

As yet, it is unknown whether development of Project MyWorld would remain in Scotland or move to the purchaser's home country. Realtime Worlds previously had an office in Boulder, Colorado which could be acquired as part of the deal, but the 23 staff rehired by administrators are Dundee-based.

It's also undisclosed how many, if any, of these current developers will be retained, or if the alleged new owner will look to return any former Realtime Worlds employees to the fold.

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