Interplay returns to publishing

Original Fallout owner to release Portuguese pinball game and Ukrainian platformer

Beleaguered firm Interplay is to step back into the publishing business. It yesterday announced its new Discovery program, intended to offer "great new games at great new prices" from small developers worldwide.

Interplay shut down active business in 2004, but was kept alive as a corporate entity solely as a result of selling the Fallout license to Bethesda in 2007.

However, it retained rights to publish its own Fallout MMO were certain funding and deadline conditions met. In January this year, the publisher confirmed Masthead Studios is working on the MMO, codenamed Project V13 – but it must release it in 2011 or the rights default to the Bethesda.

Until that is resolved, Discovery would appear to be Interplay's main option for revenue. It will publish two titles in October - Pinball Yeah from Portuguese studio CodeRunners, and platformer Tommy Tronic, from Ukrainian developer Oasis Games.

"Interplay Discovery will introduce promising developers from all over the world to the global market by releasing great new games at great prices," said Hervé Caen, Interplay CEO. "So far our efforts are paying off and we have discovered two new games from two new developers."

Tommy Tronic will be a PC only title, but Pinball, Yeah will also be released for iPhone and Mac.

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Lawrence Makin Audio 7 years ago
I am so glad that Interplay seem to have finally, at least somewhat, started to get their act together. They were one of the absolute greats (as far as publishers can be considered great) in the 90s; Earthworm Jim, Fallout, Baldur's Gate franchises but to name a few.

Keep it up Interplay, I have faith in you.
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