ELSPA calls for "united" industry approach

Trade body outlines 'wider remit' plans as University of Abertay is revealed as newest member

The director general of UK trade association ELSPA, Michael Rawlinson, has stated his belief that the British videogames industry needs to unite and work more closely together.

The announcement, during a keynote speech at the Digital Spark conference, comes a week before the organisation is set to rebrand to UKIE - UK Interactive Entertainment - as it seeks to expand its remit from looking after the interests of traditional publishers alone.

"Boundaries are blurring between developer and publisher and with these changes new opportunities are arising, and we all need to adapt to make the most of this brave new world," he said.

He also announced that the University of Abertay Dundee - at which the Digital Spark conference was being held - was the most recent member to sign up.

"By joining with our developer and publisher members, Abertay can forge even closer, mutually beneficial industry links - providing direct access for its students to become the workforce of tomorrow and sharing the knowledge and skills that all our members can offer."

The move is likely to set it on a collision course with fellow UK trade body TIGA, traditionally the representative of developers, but with a host of academic institutions on its roster and plans to open up to individual memberships too.

Specifically Rawlinson underlined the organisation's intentions to continue to pursue tax breaks - also seen as TIGA's turf - but urged businesses to "look at other ways of helping ourselves and of working more closely together to identify new business models that support industry growth."

The official launch event for the UKIE rebrand takes place next Tuesday.

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Latest comments (6)

Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D8 years ago
If TIGA and ELSPA were to come together, some of them would be out of jobs. Hence, it'll never happen.

As for the "we represent different sectors" argument, TIGA undermines that by trying to represent studios and employees. It's all about empires, pure and simple.
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its a bit more than developers and publishers and 3rd party support.
A UK wide alliance represented by ELSPA and TIGA will probably help highlight various respective issues at different levels.

I seriously doubt there will be any grand fusion of a ELSPA/TIGA though. they are like chalk and cheese
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afawerfsfr3 fsdafsdfwef Translator, Project Leader, China Games Publisher Association8 years ago
Personally, I think a more united industry will prevent Canada Government from digging out UK developers and game companies. However, How to eliminate boundries among different companies and find out a solution which will bring benefits to all of those companies, together with their employees/ers/economics. It will take a long time to work it out.
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robert troughton Managing Director, Coconut Lizard8 years ago
After my previous comments on TIGA's tax plans for the government, the QoL issue and more, I've had quite a lot of emails drop into my inbox from developers across the UK. None have ever heard of any of their development buddies being approached for ideas or comments... so, right now, I would agree - the concentration is too much on the large studios (studios which are largely either owned by foreign companies or are largely controlled by foreign companies).

TIGA and ELSPA need to approach developers and smaller studios, not just the "big players".
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Andy Payne Chair/founder, AppyNation8 years ago
Loud and clear
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Richard Wilson , TIGA8 years ago
Hi Rob,

Thanks for your comments concerning the need to contact developers of all sizes. TIGA has been working to do this over the last two years. Also, many of our events are free for all developers to attend, so we do indeed seek to listen to the views of developers small, medium and large, together with the views of outsourcers and publishers. We will continue to strive to represent the views of TIGA members in particular and the industry in general as effectively as possible. In the meantime, please do contact TIGA with your thoughts on industry issues. Cheers,

Richard Wilson, TIGA CEO
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