n-Space confirms 25% staff cuts

Portable developer blames "momentary reduced demand" as 100 employees laid off

Floridian developer n-Space has been forced to lay off 25 per cent of its staff, amounting to around 100 employees, according to comments made by CEO Dan O'Leary.

Speaking to website Kotaku, O'Leary attributed the cuts to the delay of new, unannounced titles and the coincidental completion of several ongoing projects at once.

"A lot of good people got caught up in bad timing, despite unbelievable results from my entire team. But we've got lots of great things ahead," said O'Leary.

Founded in 1994, n-Space is best known for creating alternative format versions of major blockbusters, particularly on portable formats. The studio has been responsible for the Nintendo DS versions of everything from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, as well as recent chart success Toy Story 3.

The studio has also created original titles, perhaps most notably GameCube exclusive first person action game Giest for Nintendo.

The developer's current projects include the Nintendo DS versions of James Bond 007: Blood Stone and GoldenEye 007 for Activision and Tron: Evolution for Disney Interactive.

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Never good to hear about redundancies. Anybody from NSpace looking for a design, code or senior art position in Central florida apply to Firebrand Games - we are on Merritt Island, so a 45 minute commute max - We're still hiring.
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