Games magazines keep quiet on ABC mid-term day

Future and Imagine fail to report six-month figures as other key sectors unveil their numbers

The two main publishers in the UK videogames print media have again failed to disclose six-month numbers for their magazine titles, despite key companies in other sectors - including APA, Bauer Media, BBC, Dennis, Egmont, H Bauer, Haymarket, Hello, IPC, NatMag and PPA - unveiling theirs.

Future Publishing, which owns Edge, GamesMaster and PC Gamer - among a host of others - announced last year that it would stop revealing January-June figures as a cost-cutting measure, despite the disclosure of mid-terms to be a relatively cheap and widespread practice across the magazine publishing market.

Meanwhile, Imagine, which publishes gamesTM and Play to name two, has remained silent on its figures - despite releasing information on a selection of its titles on this day last year.

The general trend for print publications in the games sector has - overall - been one of decline in the past few years, with the occasional rise in popularity of one or two publications. Financial results have tended to indicate falling print advertising revenues while showing a rise in online revenues.

Both Future and Imagine report full year results for all of their publications each February. Meanwhile a compilation of reactions from other print sectors has been reported by InPublishing.

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Tony Johns7 years ago
I am mostly a fan of Retro Gamer, that I know is part of Imagine that owns GamesTM...

I also like EGDE even though their gaming mags rarely come to my country,

but still, when I hear about the financial troubles of the games magazines, I get a little bit worried especilly when it might affect Retro Gamer that is the mag that I love the best.
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Craig Burkey Software Engineer 7 years ago
I miss Playstation Plus it was a dark day when that finished
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Josef Brett Animator 7 years ago
I know the internet is killing magazines, and it's handy and all that, but you can't beat the feeling of a real magazine in the hands on the morning commute.

Please don't go EDGE!
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Shane Sweeney Academic 7 years ago
I only ever get platform agnostic magazines. So currently subscribe to EDGE, GamesTM and Retro Gamer.

Best three magazines I think out there. I wish more gamers wouldnt focus on the more platform specific magazines. It just breeds fanboyism.

Imagine the recent fomat wars between HD-DVD and Blu Ray if Movie magazines start cropping up into two camps exclusively covering only one format.

This theoretical hellish dystopia is a day to day reality of video game print media.
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