UPDATE: Around 60 jobs lost at Realtime Worlds

Company scales back recently announced Project: MyWorld team

Sources close to Scottish developer Realtime Worlds have suggested that last month's round of cost-cutting has resulted in the loss of 60 jobs.

Since the company announced it would restructure following the release of APB, it went public on a second in-development title, Project: MyWorld. understands that at least two high-profile publishers have turned down the opportunity to partner with Realtime Worlds for the release of Project: MyWorld, and the lay-offs have affected development of the ambitious game.

As a result, the majority of the team is now working on massively multiplayer PC game APB, which received unfavourable reviews on release.

Realtime Worlds has secured multiple investment including rounds of $31 million in 2006 and $50 million in 2008.

A separate report by VG247 has suggested that the company is looking to make more staff cuts to the current APB team.

The board of the company includes GTA creator and MD David Jones, former Capcom and Take-Two exec Gary Dale and Ian Hetherington, who's track record includes selling Psygnosis and Evolution Studios to Sony.

A spokesperson for the company said that today's redundancies only relate to the restructuring announced last month. is seeking further clarification.

UPDATE: Realtime Worlds has issued the following unattributed statement:

"Further to the press release issued on the 7th July announcing the post-launch restructure for APB and expected redundancies, the 30-day consultation period with the affected staff has ended.

"The supporting infrastructure for a game inevitably changes once released, and those staff that couldn't be redeployed to new projects in the Art, Audio, Coding, Design, Production, and QA departments have regrettably been made redundant.

"APB continues to be our primary development focus, and we remain fully committed to the game and its players."

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Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D11 years ago
Ouch. Best to everyone up there, hoping RTW comes through this. I actually really like the look of MyWorld, I hope someone picks it up. Reminds me of when Visual Science went under and their last minute - and ultimately futile - scramble to find a publisher.

Hopefully RTW will pull through with the minimum of job losses.
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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 11 years ago
Oh dear...good luck to all those affected.
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Tameem Antoniades Creative Director & Co-founder, Ninja Theory Ltd11 years ago
Oh no - terrible news
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 11 years ago
Best of luck to all affected, and I can only hope RTW manage to get through this rough patch.

I hate the way this generation one 'failed' game can put a relatively-sized developer under -- I just hope Real Time Worlds don't go the same way as Factor 5 or Free Radical.
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Stewart Gilray Managing Director, Just Add Water11 years ago
Sad day for Scottish development in general. What with other studios cutting staff already this month.

I moved from Aberdeen in 1993 as there was little development in Scotland at the time, and certainly NONE in Aberdeen. Let's hope it doesn't head back that way.
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Really bad news for all concerned. However for any people there apply to Firebrand in Glasgow as we are hiring top quality programmers and artists (not many but a few of the best). Any designers that have a US working visa or are US citizens can apply for our US office too. Good luck to all.
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By the way we MUCH prefer direct applications rather than with an agency!
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Rich Sturgess Business Development Director - EMEA, Marmalade11 years ago
Not good to hear, I hope you can pull through this guys.
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Oscar Vives11 years ago
APB is a brilliant game, but It will need some "householding", since is the type of game where community can scare newbies.

The new MMO in production looks brilliant too, at first, but I ponder what people would have played it?

Bussines do what bussines need. Everything I see here can be good calls.
I just hope more people plays APB, because is a damn cool game :-)

You release a game, you need less modelers around.

Anyway I hope that people in management relax his expectations about number of players, because there can be only one wow, all other games are limited to a niche, and are all about how well (and cheap) fill that niche.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Oscar Vives on 13th August 2010 5:16pm

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Dale Broadbent 3D Artist 11 years ago
Wishing all the diaspora of RTW the best! It's a painful time in anyone's life, but it's amazing how many things you can catch up on in between jobs - my resume has never been as finely tuned :-/
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Doug Abramson Programmer (C/C++/Embedded Linux) 11 years ago
APB the arcade game back from the late 80s was an awesome game. I thought they were working on its sequel.
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Jay Crowe Creative Director, Bohemia Interactive11 years ago
Wow. That's a painful end to a development cycle. I was very interested by their development and company ethos more generally, but these appear to be the realities of this type of development; particularly in the light of a relatively poor reception.

I think the line: "APB continues to be our primary development focus, and we remain fully committed to the game and its players" will come as a bit of a slap in the face to those developers made redundant. RTW's next project certainly sounds interesting, but obviously it is less resource/content-centric as compared to APB.

For what it's worth, my best wishes to those affected, and for the games industry in Scotland more broadly.
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Stefan Pettersson Specialist Consultant, Fat Tuna11 years ago
I would kill to play APB but I want to do it on my Xbox 360 with my friends on Live. Where did that Xbox 360-version go?
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