Doodle Jump Space Chase dev's closure was third wave of layoffs since November

5th Planet Games repeatedly slashed headcount at its Nottingham studio before shutting it down outright

By Brendan Sinclair

The Chinese Room has grown 10x since Sumo acquisition

Two founders have hired 17 new staff in the last three months for new project

By Matthew Handrahan

Nvidia moves toward global rollout for GeForce Now cloud platform

More than a million gamers on the waiting list for platform that CEO stresses is "not the Netflix of games"

By Matthew Handrahan

UK games retail: Prices continue to rise as supermarket power wanes

Remarkably, the number of video game stores increased last year

By Christopher Dring

Media Create to halt public disclosure of Japanese sales figures

Data company will still release a weekly chart, but will only communicate sales figures privately

“We need to move away from short-form VR experiences”

NDreams' VP of development Tom Gillo discusses the company's plans to become a AAA VR developer

By Christopher Dring

Call of Duty: Mobile will launch outside of China

Activision and Tencent unveil free-to-play title, confirm launch in North America, South America and Europe

By Matthew Handrahan

Atari VCS console delayed following spec boost

Console will now be cooler and quieter, the manufacturer states

By Christopher Dring

Unity partners with Tencent for China, cloud gaming services

Also at the GDC keynote: Unity acquires Graphine, doubles down on developer-first mission: "We're not here to make games"

By Rebekah Valentine

Chet Faliszek and Kimberly Voll form Stray Bombay Company

Former Valve writer and Riot Games designer launch their own co-op focused development studio

By Brendan Sinclair

5th Planet closes Nottingham studio

CEO says "now is the time to take the consequences" for underperforming games as it lays off 14 people

By Brendan Sinclair

Community management post-Christchurch massacre | Opinion

Veteran product manager James Kozanecki says the industry can no longer dismiss toxic behavior as harmless trolling

By James Kozanecki

Suda51: Grasshopper team "stronger" for Travis Strikes Again experience

Grasshopper's CEO may use the experience for a full sequel to the divisive Switch spin-off

By Andy Robinson

Epic Games awards final $500k round of Unreal Dev Grants

Last round of grants initiative brings total donated to $5 million

When and what to culturalize?

Netmarble US president Simon Sim lays out the Marvel Future Fight company's approach to adapting games and monetization for new markets

By Brendan Sinclair

Epic offers support for third-party key sales -- but not for exclusives

Tim Sweeney reveals Epic Game Store roadmap, but concedes it will have to compete on games to compensate for lack of features

By Matthew Handrahan

Double Eleven acquires VooFoo Studios

UK developer and publisher adds Mantis Burn Racing studio for undisclosed fee

By Christopher Dring

EA pulls 32-bit support for The Sims 4

Move away from OpenGL to affect Mac and PC users, who will transition to The Sims 4: Legacy Edition

Epic responds to accusations of Steam data mining

Update: Valve is "looking into" issue that Epic's Tim Sweeney attributed to “our rush to implement social features in the early days of Fortnite”

By James Batchelor

UK Charts: Slow start for The Division 2

However, Ubisoft's new action game makes No.1

By Christopher Dring

Steam removes "off-topic review bombs" from overall game review scores

Reviews will still be visible, scores viewable for users who opt out of new system

By Rebekah Valentine

Hello Games announces No Man's Sky Online

Component of summer 'Beyond' update "has recognizable online elements" but isn't an MMO

Goodbye Kansas invests in Framebunker

Company's investment arm acquires part of Danish studio founded by Unity veterans

By Rebekah Valentine

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