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ArmA: Armed Assault

New free update adds an RTS/FPS multiplayer mode.



ARMA WARFARE - Brand new multiplayer mode combining RTS and FPS elements USMC DESERT TROOPS - New units ARMA PATCH 1.14 - Dozens of improvements, tweaks and bug fixes LINUX SERVER - Dedicated server platform for Linux EDITING TOOLS - Complete set of tools for creating custom maps, vehicles, weapons & units

Prague, 22nd May 2008

Bohemia Interactive, the developer of award wining computer games and proven training systems for military customers (currently working on ARMA 2, the next installment in its successful series of military games), today released a major new update for its latest military PC game ARMA: Armed Assault (published as ARMA: Combat Operations in North America, also available including the official expansion pack ARMA: Queen's Gambit as ARMA: GOLD in some countries).

"ARMA has come a very long way since the original release one year ago. Here at Bohemia Interactive we've always provided ongoing support for our games but this free update is a truly significant milestone. In terms of stability, performance and gameplay, ARMA is now a distinctly superior game to the initial release." says Marek Spanel, CEO of Bohemia Interactive.

The ARMA update to version 1.14 also includes a unique new multiplayer mode called WARFARE. WARFARE blends tactical, team-based multiplayer missions with deep realtime strategy. Two sides fight for control of the entire 400 sq km map in titanic battles over air land and sea. Players must capture whole cities to gain resources that can be channelled into manufacturing even more weapons of war. Each side has one commander, who can build factories and defensive structures in and around their base. As long as they have enough money and resources, players can use these factories to build units, weapons and vehicles. Defensive structures can be used to defend bases and the units stationed there. Players must take account of logistical considerations outside their bases and cities too as truck convoys ferrying supplies between settlements are vulnerable to attack. Players on each side are divided into a maximum of 16 teams. The commander can give these teams side missions and specify tasks or objectives, coordinating the entire side to ensure victory. This is war on a unprecedented scale, even for ARMA!

Other highlights of the updated version include:

New anti-cheat methods for a more secure online experience Improved performance and stability Removes disc based copy protection systems (Securom or Starforce depending on the territory) Improved aircraft flight model Now fully compatible with the Vista x64 platform Many AI and gameplay tweaks and fixes Improved voice over net functionality including the unique "direct voice over net": See your avatars talk as you chat to your friends and hear them in full surround simulation.

Additionally this update includes a dedicated server platform for Windows and Linux.

In the same time, full editing suite for ARMA is also available for free to the editing and modding community, including all modelling, map editing and packing tools, allowing users to create their own maps, vehicles, weapons and units to support the very active ARMA modding community.

Links: http://community.bistudio.com



You can download screenshots, further information related to this story and the new ARMA WARFARE game mode itself from http://www.armedassault.com/warfare

About Bohemia Interactive

Bohemia Interactive is an independent game development company, with studios in Czech Republic and Australia, founded in 1999, that focuses on developing state of the art computer software and the research of advanced real time 3D graphics, artificial intelligence and physical simulation technologies for real-time interactive environments. Bohemia Interactive's products include computer games ARMA Armed Assault (ARMA Combat Operations in North America), Operation Flashpoint and military simulations VBS1 and VBS2.

For more information about the company visit http://www.bistudio.com.

About IDEA games

IDEA Games is an Independent Developers Association, founded by three computer game development studios: Altar Games, Black Element Software and Bohemia Interactive. The main goal of IDEA Games employs dedicated full time stuff supporting independent developers in many areas, from promotion or legal advice to handling negotiations with publishers and local distributors and helping in the production cycle of their games. IDEA Games is open to all independent developers interested in participating at various levels. For more information about IDEA Games please visit www.idea-games.com.

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