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ARM profits up 73% as 1.1bn chips shipped

iPad, 3DS chip-maker sees £406m revenues for fiscal 2010

Mobile processor-maker ARM Holdings has revealed its fourth quarter results for the last fiscal year, seeing profits jump to £47.6 million – £15 million up on last year.

ARM's Q4 revenues hit £113.9 million, up 34 per cent on the same period in 2009.

For the entirety of fiscal 2010, ARM's pre-tax profit reached £167 million, leaping 73 per cent from 2009's £96.8 million. Annual revenues grew 33 per cent to £406 million.

Said Warren East, ARM CEO, "As the industry chooses ARM technology in a broadening range of electronic products, it further drives our long-term royalty opportunity. The growth in licensing and royalty revenues, throughout 2010, has combined to deliver our highest ever annual revenues, profits and cash generation.

"2011 will bring exciting opportunities and challenges as ARM enters competitive new markets and we are well positioned to succeed with leading technology, an innovative business model and a thriving ecosystem of partners."

ARM chips are currently used in the likes of iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows 7 phones and the Nintendo DS, plus is due to be used in the 3DS and Sony's NGP.

Such ubiquity meant the firm shipped 1.1 billion chips during the fourth quarter of 2010 alone, as well as 0.7 billion in "everything from smart-meters to solid-state drives."

Microsoft recently announced that its next version of Windows will support 'system on a chip' processors such as those offered by ARM, which saw ARM's stock leap dramatically.

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