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ARGO Online

All about the eco-friendly Floresslah faction in burda:ic's steampunk MMORPG.

MUNICH - December 9, 2010

burda:ic, a leading publisher of online games worldwide, today unveiled details for the Floresslah faction in Steampunk Fantasy MMORPG ARGO Online. Full details about these eco-focused, magic-wielding warriors, including the first official trailer for the faction, can be found in the new Floresslah section of the ARGO Online teaser site at http://www.argo.alaplaya.net.

The Floresslah are the nature-inspired rivals of the machinist Noblians, devoted to protecting mankind from the ravages of technology. Their army is broken up into a multitude of classes, including Tauri, Defenders, Elementarists, Warlocks, Saggitarii, Rogues, Shamans, and Druids. These classes harness the natural magic of the world to keep the Noblians at bay as the war for control of the element Earthdium rages. The humans of millennia past ruined the world through their abuse of technology, and the Floresslah will stand to the last warrior to keep history from repeating itself.

For players who want a first look at this post-apocalyptic world, Closed Beta registration is now open at http://argo.alaplaya.net/closedbeta.

ARGO Online is coming to Europe and North America in early 2011.

ARGO Online Features include:

• Free to play, with no monthly fees

• Two unique races to choose from with eight classes each

• Thousands of quests with an intriguing background story

• Interactive map system for finding NPCs, quests, etc., more easily

• Large battlefields for epic clashes with hundreds of players

• Wide variety PvP modes (including Capture the Flag)

• Real-time strategy elements

• Crafting system with multiple upgrade options for items

• Resource system (based on the mineral Earthdium) for skills (flying, attack, defense)

• Numerous professions to experience

• Open PvP zones and PvP dungeons to explore

• Raid instances to experience with friends

• Transportation for three to ten players (troop carriers) depending on the race, including flying transport! (Floresslah: animal mounts / Noblian: vehicles)

• Auction house for trading items

• Deep achievement system and a comprehensive ranking system

• Pet system with two completely different pet designs (animals and machines)

About ARGO Online

Developed by MGame, ARGO Online is a futuristic, steampunk-themed MMORPG featuring thousands of exciting quests, epic battles with hundreds of players, and a wide variety of PvP modes. Combining classic MMO features like a pet system, unique professions, and auctions with an engrossing background story and a vividly imagined world, players on both continents are sure to be captivated by ARGO Online when it reaches North America and Europe next spring.

About burda:ic and alaplaya

burda:ic GmbH is a leading free-to-play PC online games publisher headquartered in Munich, Germany. burda:ic markets and distributes massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) such as LOCO – Land of Chaos Online, Avalon Heroes, S4 League, and Florensia. Its innovative alaplaya Gaming platform has continued to grow rapidly since its launch in summer 2007, with an anticipated 10 million registered users by end of 2010. More information about burda:ic is available at www.burda-ic.com.

Ryan Morgan, TriplePoint for burda:ic



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