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Are You Certifiable?

Online quiz game testing the mettle of IT and development folks.

In an interactive game promoting the benefits of Microsoft certification, the software company asks IT and development professionals to prove their know-how in a series of tech knowledge challenges.

Are You Certifiable? ( http://www.areyoucertifiable.com) is a Silverlight-based quiz game which will dig deep into the mental resources of technicians and developers alike in the process of determining who can meet and who can fly beyond the rigorous standards of Microsoft Certification. The game is a unique approach which will not only spread awareness of the benefits of MS Certification and the Second Shot promotion, but also provide a valuable primer for professionals interested in taking an exam.

Divided into four seasons, each containing five episodes, ‘Are You Certifiable?’ is styled after today’s ubiquitous TV quiz shows, and brings a fun approach to tech knowledge while demystifying the topic of Microsoft certifications. Players select their area of expertise, either development or IT , choose their character and can either play as a guest, or register to track their score and see how they stack up against other IT and dev pros playing. Along the way, trivia buffs will unlock bonus mini-games where they can win Vouchers, special one-use tokens that grant the player advantages in their attempts to master Microsoft’s challenge.

You missed Clippy, didn’t you?

Among several hilarious avatars in the game is Clippy the Paperclip, known across the world as the exceedingly helpful piece of stationery equipment from Microsoft Word. With a number of other classic characters from Windows and Microsoft lore, ‘Are You Certifiable?’ takes a tongue-in-cheek look at Microsoft pop culture that tech professionals are guaranteed to appreciate.

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