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Subscription-free MMORPG set to unveil its next expansion: "Episode 4: Chaotic Frontier"; multi-lingual support now offered.

- Archlord Episode 4: 'Chaotic Frontier' update in March

- New Adventures at 'Chaotic Frontier', the Vanished Civilization

- Multi-language game service launched in February 2010.

Wednesday, 17th February, WEBZEN (NSDAQ: WZEN) is pleased to announce that Archlord, a premier MMORPG with no monthly subscriptions, will unveil the next expansion update Episode 4: Chaotic Frontier. The expansion update is due to go live in the coming month of March where the update introduces distinguished new concept of dungeons.

New features of Archlord Episode 4: Chaotic Frontier include:

Exclusive dungeon system: Chaotic Frontier

- Specifically designed according to the game factions, each player's level will be automatically adjusted pending on which field of Chaotic Frontier he walks into, hence allowing Archlord players of all level to enjoy. In addition to this, players will need to acquire a special passport to enter each realm which drops from mobs or alternatively they can be purchased directly from the Chantra Shop for a minimal price later on.

6 new playing fields for players to challenge

- The Chaotic Frontier includes six new realms providing unique and interesting challenges to all players along with its own exclusive scenario about the legendary civilization vanished over the Chaotic Frontier.

New collectible armor sets with unique stats and more!

- The exclusive collectible armor sets and unique accessory items that can be found throughout the realms are lying in wait for the adventurous warriors, who are brave enough to come for them!

New monsters and boss creatures

- These exhilarating realms are populated by tough mutated creatures that require teamwork and skill to take down, each one providing a strong challenge to any seasoned warrior.

Meanwhile, the game client has been recently updated to support multi-language game scripts including German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Players are now able to choose their preferred languages before entering the game. This feature will facilitate a better gaming experience for those connecting from non-English speaking countries.

"We are pleased to be able to set out our exciting new expansion plans for Archlord. We have put a great amount of efforts to provide gamers a better gaming experience by committing to provide frequent updates. We look forward launching this free expansion to our players. Furthermore, we're planning on implementing a new game client that supports multi-language options such which will bring the internationally competitiveness that we have been trying to achieve." said Chang Keun Kim, the chief executive officer of WEBZEN.

Details on the update and the game are available at Archlord.webzen.com.

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Archlord is a fantasy themed MMORPG that holds a unique competitive premise for gamers: the opportunity to rise to become the game world's supreme ruler. Throughout this epic quest-based role-playing title set in the game world's middle ages, every month one player will gain control of the world and with it the opportunity to wreak havoc as they are crowned supreme Archlord. Visit the game's official website online at Archlord.webzen.com.

- Players can immortalize themselves in history and leave behind their legacy as they set about their heroic struggle for Archlord supremacy, and with it gain control over powerful monsters, epic bodyguards and even wreak havoc from the skies with their very own mighty Archlord Dragon mount

- Control the economy, taxes, curse or enchant players

- Players take their pick from 3 powerful races including Human, Orc or the enchanting Moonelf. Learn and master character skills and develop them through a range of engaging quests and combat.

- One of the most advanced PVP systems ever seen within any MMO including full blown castle sieges, epic guild on guild battles incorporating hundreds of players and free battle areas where players can challenge their rivals

- The mystical world of Chantra is fantastically realized with astounding character detail and gorgeous landscapes. Outstanding in game audio recorded by the world famous London Symphony Orchestra only acts

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