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arcada mia

Upcoming strategy number from the Dangerous High School Girls chaps.

2 August 2010 - Mousechief, Co. (multiple I.G.F. finalist and highly awarded developer of 'Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!' ) reveals the title and full description of its groundbreaking new game, 'arcada mia'.

Mousechief has crossed the grand sweep of civilization with the family drama of generational epics to offer an intense, emotional experience of humanity struggling through the ages.

Raise your family generations from simple laborers to rulers of the land. The journey is rich in discovery but fraught with ruthless competitors. The tides of drama, as civilizations rise and fall, challenge the hardiest dynasty.

The gameplay is entirely new. Easy to pick up and play, its depth of strategy is dizzying. Every turn, optimize the creation and use of resources. Interact with peers. Make allies. Fend off rivals. Pursue romance for social, material, or love's advantages. Prepare children for adulthood. Navigate rites of passage. Build on the work of ancestors or establish new heritages, to withstand the tides of history. Every turn will leave you wanting to play just one more... but it's even fun to play a few minutes at a time.

arcada mia - Raise a dynasty to master the ages!

It's your family drama of civilization.

'Passage' meets 'Civilization'.

arcada mia - Begetting around, early 2011.

This new game is not intended for children and will be rated TEEN using the T.I.G.R.S. rating system.

About Mousechief Co.

Founded in 2003, Mousechief is lead by a 17 year veteran of the gaming industry. Working with talents of fine-art illustrators and established musicians, Mousechief crafts unique, interactive experiences for all sorts of gamers.

"We put mischief in your mouse."

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For more information about Mousechief technology:

Contact: Keith Nemitz

Company: Mousechief Co.

E-mail: keithn@mousechief.com

Company site: http://www.Mousechief.com/

Company logo: http://www.mousechief.com/bigMClogo.png


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