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APB draws just 130,000 registered players

Active figures undisclosed, but MMO has highest average revenue per paying player, claim administrators

Dundee developer Realtime Worlds has revealed a raft of player statistics for online title APB, as administrators seek a buyer for the embattled studio.

The urban combat MMO apparently enjoys 130,000 "registered" users, while the average player plays for four hours a day.

The number of active users is undisclosed at present, but the 130,000 registrations are likely to be representative of the game's sales to date.

Paying players feed an average of $28 into the game per month, defined as "a combination of game time and user to user marketplace trading".

Administrator Paul Dounis said: "These are healthy numbers and reflect positively on APB as a ongoing concern. They prove this is a very enjoyable game, which is shown by the average player daily playtime and an ARPPU (Average Revenue per Paying User) that is highest of any game out there."

The fate of both APB and Real Time Worlds has been in doubt for the past week, with the developer going into administration following lacklustre sales of APB and a reported debt of some £3 million. Although most of the studio's staff have been let go, the developer and its two projects are for sale.

Reports suggest a new studio may arise from the ashes of the developer - one that will ensure social gaming project MyWorld meets its projected spring 2011 launch.

Administrators claimed to have restructured the studio to ensure the game's future, promising a "pipeline" of future updates and game improvements.

Meanwhile, at least 23 staff continue to work on Project MyWorld.


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