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Antix Game Player

To be included in a new range of Commtiva smartphones and tablets.

4 th October, 2010: Reading, UK/Chicago, Il., US/Taipei, Taiwan – The new generation of Commtiva smartphones and tablets  will  include the high performance Antix Game Player from Antix Labs running preloaded and downloadable casual and premium game content.

Antix Labs’ native games use a secure file format, similar inconcept to MP3 for music or MPEG for video. Consumers use the Antix Game Player to play high performance content and create a truly seamless experience across different devices such as TVs, tablets and phones, and then copied and virally shared with their friends and family, across the cloud or M2M off-network.

Antix provides carriers and device makers with an end-to-end experience including a consumer store.

Commtiva develops mobile and fixed wireless devices for the telecom and M2M markets with a close network of tier-1 design and manufacturing partners, mostly based in Asia. The new devices will be available to consumers initially in the US and Western Europe from November before spreading rapidly into Asia.

“Commtiva is contributing leading edge devices into an increasingly pervasive world and as such we are mindful to provide products consistent with consumers’ expectations of universal services – playing games on their phone, their tablet, their PC, their TV or any other connected device. Antix is uniquely placed to deliver that,” commented Francis Charig, Antix’s CEO.

Martin Hanwright, CEO of Commtiva said, “Commtiva devices come with a range of rich media services for consumers to play, copy and virally share services such as music and videos. The logical extension is to be able to offer this capability of sharing for high performance casual and premium games as well which Commtiva is able to offer through its distribution of the Antix Game Player and the games either pre-loaded or available from Antix’s store.”

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About Commtiva

Commtiva creates tomorrow’s connected digital lifestyle. We develop mobile and fixed wireless devices for the telecom and M2M markets. Our direct-source manufacturing partners give us a speed advantage. Our focus on intuitive interactivity and intelligent M2M-capable devices shows we’re constantly innovating tomorrow’s solutions at the best value.

To learn more, please call +886-2-8797-5519 or visit www.commtiva.com .

About Antix Labs

The Antix Game Player (AGP) is an on-device software client for native games services licensed to multiple tier one device makers manufacturing TVs, phones, tablets and other connected devices. Third party casual, advanced casual and premium games are distributed in a device-independent format similar in concept to MP3 or PDF. This format lets consumers access and share games from any of their connected Antix-powered 'screens'. In much the same way as they do already with music, photos and videos, consumers can distribute trial games virally across networks and off-line to their friends and family while still protecting the rights and revenues of operators and publishers. In addition to AGP itself, Antix provides the corresponding tools, certification mechanism, optional white-label store, and optional game warehousing necessary to deploy a complete service offering.

Antix Labs Ltd., headquartered in Reading, England was founded by Francis Charig, a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer.

For more information, please visit: http://antixlabs.com/.

Alternatively please contact:

Neil Curtis, Marketing Director, Antix Labs Ltd.


+44 7747 474234

+44 118 3570357

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