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Angels Online

Whither the weather?

For more than two years now, Angels Online ( http://ao.igg.com) has provided players with a vibrant gaming community, encouraging cooperation and camaraderie. The anime-style fantasy game is packed with stunning effects and a wide variety of character customization options. With so many fun features and engaging elements, it’s no wonder Angels Online has become one of the most popular 2D MMORPGs around, but sometimes it’s easy to miss how background details like the weather add to the fun.

The weather system in Angels Online plays an essential role in adding realism to the game. From the movement of the clouds to the fall of rain and seasonal effects, weather elements can help set a mood or tone as players’ progress through their adventures. The environment even marks the passage of time, from the break of dawn and the first rays of light to the impending shroud of dusk, when the skyline is bathed in a strange, orange hue. Nightfall and darkness can also intensify a player’s awareness of his or her surroundings, adding new dimensions to an adventure.

Besides the elements of day and night, Angels Online also captures the emotions of the seasons. A gentle spring breeze, the warmth of the summer sunshine, a brown layer of autumn leaves or the chill of winter snow can evoke emotions and moods that enhance the game environment. Weather elements allow players to experience the illusion of reality. The distant sound of a summer rain might go largely unnoticed, but still have an effect on gameplay. From summer flowers blooming by the side of a road to the rustling of autumn leaves that cling to trees before the first snowfall, even the smallest touches can have a great impact on a scene.

As Angels take a leisurely stroll along the beach to enjoy the sunshine, go on a romantic walk with a companion on a moonlit night, or seek adventure among the darkness and shadows, the emotional setting becomes as important as the buildings or wilderness, providing a joyous lift or striking a fearful chord in the hearts and minds of each character. From the subtle to the sublime, weather elements help to build an immersive sense of time, place and emotion. Log in to Angels Online today and enjoy the weather!

Visit the official Angels Online site at http://ao.igg.com to stay up-to-date on the latest events and features. Visit http://www.igg.com to learn more about IGG’s growing family of games.  

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