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Ancient Quest of Saqqarah

Puzzler featuring, among other things, a "talking blue monkey with the voice of Michael McMconnohie (Diablo 2, World of Warcraft)".


July 22, 2008 - Fans of cerebral challenges and fun games in general can start worrying about their lives and careers - Ancient Quest of Saqqarah - a vast and cinematic puzzle game by Codeminion is officially released!

Talking blue monkey with the voice of Michael McMconnohie (Diablo 2, World of Warcraft), over 500 puzzles spread across 7 different game play types, classy visuals and music composed by the people responsible for the soundtrack of The Witcher. Saqqarah certainly doesn't seem like an average casual game made to entertain for 2 hours and then to disappear completely from the memory. In earlier press releases the game was described by its developers as an "AAA casual title". With its official premiere today, we can finally verify this statement; and it seems that Codeminion has kept their word.

Newly released Saqqarah has already gathered very positive reviews and lots of appreciation from the casual gaming community. GameZebo, a casual reviews website, described Saqqarah as "a benchmark against which to score all future competition" and gave the game a rare five stars review.

"We knew that the casual market is overflowing with tons of similar games. So our idea was not to make a puzzle game, but to make *the* puzzle game. With quality, length and variety never seen in this market before. We also wanted to attract more hardcore players and show them that puzzle games can be as exciting and great looking as AAA titles" - explains Konrad Olesiewicz - game producer and Codeminion co-owner.

"If I would have to name Saqqarah's best feature, it would be the variety of challenges. It's over 500 hand crafted levels and 7 different styles of game play, ranging from classical match-3 to some completely new ideas. They all share common features, are easy to learn and can be played in short chunks of time. However, to complete *everything* at least 50 hours is needed... and we're releasing the first expansion soon" - says Tom Grochowiak, game designer.

Saqqarah indeed plays great with its simple-yet-compelling premise, beautiful graphic style and professional voice acting. As all Codeminion's games, there's a 60 minutes trial version available online at www.gameclubcafe.com - the developer's casual games portal.


Saqqarah's official website with more info, screenshots and downloads:



Codeminion's gaming portal where Saqqarah trial is available:



Codeminion official website:



About Codeminion:

Codeminion S.C. is an independent game development studio based in Warsaw, Poland. Known for the successful Magic Match fantasy puzzle game, action-packed StoneLoops and the latest Ancient Quest of Saqqarah. Preferring quality over quantity, Codeminion focuses on creating innovative and highly polished casual games.


Contact information:

Konrad Olesiewicz

Co-owner and Game Producer

Email: press@codeminion.com



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