Sony: PSP and PS3 sales to climb 10-15 per cent

Koller says expectations are high following "bullish" approach to sales

By James Lee.Published Thursday 2nd April 2009, 9:32am GMT

Sony expects PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable sales to rise 10-15 per cent over the coming year, according to SCEA marketing executive, John Koller.

While the company has yet to confirm hardware sales figures for its fiscal year ended March, Koller said expectations were high.

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"We've been very bullish on PSP," he told VG247. "We had our largest sales year ever last year, and we’d look to go about 10-15 per cent north of that this year.

"It's for a number of reasons, but primarily because of the entertainment packs and line-up of software that's coming. The software line-up alone should drive a lot of hardware sales.

"For PS3 I'll stay general as well, but we also had our best sales year for PS3 last year and we'll look to go north of that by a similar percentage.

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"That's being driven by, in a lot of ways, our first-party software line-up, which is outstanding, but there's some third-party titles coming. The line-up's very strong."

Koller concluded: "What I mentioned there was North America-focused, but you could probably extrapolate that globally as well."

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