Greenstreet Software goes into liquidation

Budget specialist goes bust, but CEO promises to reboot company in July

By Matt Martin.Published Thursday 12th June 2008, 12:44pm GMT

Budget PC games publisher Greenstreet Software has gone into liquidation, can reveal.

The company published a range of value games in the competitive budget market, and worked with partners such as National Geographic and Hoyles.

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The publisher was formed in 2001 with the merger of GST Technology and eGames Europe, and had built a distribution network that reached to over 40 countries.

"After spending six months re-organising Greenstreet Software into a smaller organisation to take account of changing market positions in retail, Greenstreet has been bought down by non-payment from one large debtor and insistence from our bankers to re-organise our finance in a way that was deemed inappropriate," revealed Jeff Fenton, CEO.

"The directors hope to be able to re-start the underlying business in the future which has the potential to become a very viable business," he added.

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