The Switch was the best-selling product online over Thanksgiving

Nintendo's console tops the charts despite not going on sale

By Haydn Taylor.Published Friday 1st December 2017, 11:47am GMT

Nintendo reigned supreme over the consumer frenzy that dominates the tail end of November, with the Switch being the best-selling product online over Thanksgiving.

According to Adobe's Digital Insights Initiatives, the Switch took the top spot on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, despite not offering widespread discounts.

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The Switch also came in at number three on November 22, and number four on November 25. The only other console to make an appearance in the top five during the period was the PlayStation VR at number four on November 22, and the Xbox One X which reached number three on November 25.

Although PlayStation 4 enjoyed record breaking sales, shifting more consoles on Black Friday than ever before in its 23-year history, the heavy discounts were not enough to compete with the innate appeal of the Switch it would seem.

The popularity of the Switch over the holiday period came as a surprise to investment firm Jefferies. In a note to clients picked up by Business Insider, analyst Atul Goyal said: "Even we had not expected such a record-breaking streak. This strong sales is going to create a robust installed base, which is where games software will monetise over the next five to seven years."

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However, Adobe's prediction report put the Switch leagues ahead of all other consoles based on analysis of social media buzz.

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