Unity buys GAME's Multiplay Digital business for 19m

GAME bought the entire Multiplay division for 20m almost 3 years ago

By Christopher Dring.Published Tuesday 28th November 2017, 8:48am GMT

GAME has sold its Multiplay Digital business unit to Unity in a deal worth 19m.

Multiplay Digital handles multiplayer server game hosting for major titles including Titanfall 2, Day Z, Echo Arena and Killing Floor 2. Its sales rose from 2.1m to 4.5m over the last financial year, although made a loss of 800,000 due to 'significant investment' in the technology.

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Multiplay Digital was acquired along with Multiplay in March 2015 for 20m. The full Multiplay division also operates the Insomnia gaming events and the in-store Belong experiences. This esports and events business remains with GAME.

Despite being successful, GAME's focus is on building its retail and live-gaming initiatives, rather than a digital server hosting business. It's also eager to strengthen its cash position in the face of a tough retail marketplace.

The deal includes an initial payment of 17.1m, with 1.9m in escrow for 19 months.

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"This transaction is a significant strategic step forward for GAME Digital," said GAME CEO Martyn Gibbs.

"By divesting Multiplay Digital we simplify the Group and focus management on accelerating development plans to fully capitalise on the strong growth potential in our exciting and growing esports activities, including Belong. We now look forward to further developing GAME Digital as we seek to combine multichannel retail, events and esports.

"We are delighted to have transacted with such a strong new owner for our Multiplay Digital business and its highly talented team."

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