Neal Stephenson joins Magic Leap

"Creative minds who make games have done about as much as is possible in two dimensions"

By Rachel Weber.Published Wednesday 17th December 2014, 1:14am GMT

Remember the somewhat mysterious Magic Leap that raised $542 million for augmented reality back in October? Well they've just signed up cult writer Neal Stephenson.

"I am the chief futurist of Magic Leap," said the man himself on his website.

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He also blogged on Magic Leap's site, explaining how the partnership came about and what excited him about the company's work.

"I sometimes feel that the creative minds who make games have done about as much as is possible in two dimensions. It's hard to imagine how the current crop of games, for example, could be more finely tuned to deliver that particular kind of entertainment," he explained.

"It feels like the right time to give those people a new medium: one in which three-dimensionality is a reality and not just an illusion laboriously cooked up by your brain, and in which it's possible to get up off the couch and move--not only around your living room, but wherever on the face of the earth the story might take you. Making such games is not going to be a matter of porting existing ones to the new system. It's going to mean redefining the medium from the ground up."

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It's not Stephenson's first foray into gaming. His Subatai Corporation also backed the now defunct CLANG swordfighting game, an ambitious project which also planned on producing bespoke technology.

Also on Magic Leap's team is veteran designer Graeme Devine, Trilobyte Games founder and Halo designer.

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