Intel pulls ads from Gamasutra in response to #GamerGate

Gamasutra says Intel was "flooded with complaints over a recent opinion piece" concerning video game equality

By James Brightman.Published Thursday 2nd October 2014, 7:57pm GMT

In what seems to be the first actual corporate action in response to #GamerGate, computer chip firm Intel has pulled its advertising support from game development website Gamasutra. "Intel has pulled its advertising from website Gamasutra," Intel spokesperson Bill Calder confirmed to Re/code. "We take feedback from our customers very seriously especially as it relates to contextually relevant content and placements."

Intel was apparently "flooded" with complaints from #GamerGate supporters who did not like the tone of editor-at-large Leigh Alexander's article entitled "'Gamers' don't have to be your audience. 'Gamers' are over." In the op-ed Alexander pushes for equality in video games and protests the often sexist culture that has permeated the "gamer culture" for the last couple decades. She urges game developers to rebuff that culture and create a new one that's inclusive of players of all types, genders, races and sexual orientations. "We are refusing to let anyone feel prohibited from participating," Alexander wrote.

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People who self-identify as "gamers" felt as though Alexander was writing about the death of gaming and rallied against her views, ultimately causing Intel to be concerned and remove its ads. The #GamerGate hashtag, started when actor Adam Baldwin was badgering independent developer Zoe Quinn, has unfortunately been closely associated with harassment of women online.

Some online have viewed the Intel decision as a victory and urged people via Reddit to continue sending emails and voicing displeasure with any sites that are "attacking gamers."

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