GamesIndustry Innovation Awards winners revealed

Twitch, Gabe Newell and more honored by GI's awards at the Game Horizon conference

By James Brightman.Published Wednesday 7th May 2014, 6:32pm GMT

During an award ceremony at the GameHorizon conference in Newcastle, England today, GamesIndustry International unveiled the winners of the very first GamesIndustry International Innovation Awards, nominated by industry professionals who read our website and newsletter. The awards reflect who's shaping the future of the game business.

In case you missed the highlights on the GameHorizon Twitter feed, here's a breakdown of the winners:

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Innovation in Technology: Oculus Rift

Innovation in Business: Kickstarter

Innovation in Marketing & PR: Sony: "How to share games for the PS4"

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Innovation in Retail: Steam Early Access

Innovation in Game Design: Papers, Please

Innovation in Social Responsibility: HumbleBundle

Most Promising Startup of 2013: Stoic

Champion of Innovation: Gabe Newell

The Star of the Future: Palmer Luckey

Grand Prize for Innovation (chosen by Twitch

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