Microsoft reacts to Sony buying Gaikai: "Cloud is a big area of investment for Xbox"

Microsoft doesn't appear to be too concerned by Sony's big acquisition today

By James Brightman.Published Monday 2nd July 2012, 4:41pm GMT

Sony made a huge splash in the games business today, picking up cloud gaming firm Gaikai for a cool $380 million. Rival Microsoft isn't sitting idly by, however. When GamesIndustry International asked for reaction to the Sony news, a spokesperson noted that the cloud will continue to be hugely important for Microsoft.

"The cloud has been a key component of our strategy and a big area of investment with Xbox for many years. Through Xbox LIVE we're serving up gaming and entertainment in the cloud to more than 40 million people," a spokesperson remarked.

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"We're committed to delivering extraordinary entertainment experiences across devices in a uniquely connected way through Xbox, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and other popular devices, and we're looking forward to continuing to innovate in this space in the future."

There's been a lot of speculation that Microsoft could buy OnLive, but others think that Microsoft will simply continue to invest and improve its own technology. Cloud gaming is certainly rising in importance, and Microsoft isn't about to let Sony gain the upper hand. We'll keep you posted on any new developments.

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