Diablo III problems persist with hacked accounts - report

Rumors of accounts being hacked, items and in-game gold being stolen

By Ben Strauss.Published Monday 21st May 2012, 5:28pm GMT

The troubles continue for Diablo III, as reports are coming in that hackers have managed to compromise the accounts of many players. One Eurogamer writer had his account stolen and taken control of over the weekend.

That hack appears to be just one of many that have started being reported by Diablo III fans around the world. Hacking victims are reporting gold and items being looted as well as accounts simply being taken over. It has been alleged that the Blizzard Authenticator is simply ineffective at preventing the takeovers.

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Reports are suggesting that hackers are using a security flaw in the Battle.net sessions identifier system. Hackers are able to 'jump into' accounts without alerting Blizzard authentication processes at all. This theory remains speculation, but is gaining ground by users on the Blizzard forums.

Blizzard has not yet confirmed any account hackings to date, and will not return any items lost to players who have had their accounts taken over. They are simply 'rolling back' accounts to a point before the event takes place.

Interestingly, the rumors happened just before Blizzard took Diablo III offline yet again on Sunday. Servers were down for the EU side for around 4 hours, in which it was alleged an SQL injection attack took place.

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Blizzard has not commented on the matter. GamesIndustry International has reached out to Blizzard but has yet to receive any response.

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