IGDA to investigate Team Bondi allegations

Governing body calls for testimonies from former LA Noire developers

By Matthew Handrahan.Published Tuesday 28th June 2011, 1:33pm GMT

The International Game Developers Association will investigate working practices at L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi.

Following recent reports of extended crunch periods and unpaid overtime, the IGDA has asked Team Bondi's ex employees to come forward.

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The IGDA avoided making an official statement until it had a better understanding of the situation, but Brian Robbins, chairman of the IGDA board of directors, has made the body's position on the matter abundantly clear.

"[But] certainly reports of 12-hour a day, lengthy crunch time, if true, are absolutely unacceptable and harmful to the individuals involved, the final product, and the industry as a whole," he told Develop.

Robbins also encouraged former Team Bondi employees to e-mail qol@igda.org "with comments about the recent past and current situation - positive or negative."

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