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Alten8 To Develop "Luc Bernard's Eternity's Child" For DS And Wii

For immediate release

Monday, 10th September 2007

Alten8 has agreed with Luc Bernard on the creation and publication of Nintendo DS and Wii versions of the Eternity's Child game , bringing this delightful creation to an even wider audience. Luc will be working closely with Alten8 to bring his creations to life on these formats

The story of Eternitys Child and the orphan 'Angel' - the planet on which Eternity's Child is set on. The planet was once filled with many living creatures and vast forests, however due to the pollution created by the habitants the icebergs melted and the whole planet was flooded and most of the creatures became extinct. The creatures without wings that were left became jealous of the ones with wings (that allowed them to survive the flooding), so the land creatures started murdering all the winged creatures until there was none left. To repopulate the world, many mechanical robots were created so that the world would not seem as empty as before, but most of those creatures got out of control and started attacking and destroying what was left.

Eternity's Child Wii version details -

Angel was left at the door of a orphanage when he was a baby, to protect him from being murdered his wings were cut off. The years went by as he stayed in that orphanage, not accepted by the other children and being often tortured and picked on. Angel then escapes from the orphanage to try to find any remaining creatures of his species and hoping to be accepted by them despite him not having his wings.

Details about Wii version -

The entire game is hand drawn the animations are done traditionally by hand frame by frame (like old disney films) the soundtrack is all orchestral the game is an Interactive Fairytale there will be songs in the game like old disney films 2 player co operative mode will be available DS version - the game will be a 3D platform game will not have the same story as the Wii version Regular updates and information will appear on the Alten8 and the Eternitys Child web site.

About Luc Bernard

Luc Bernard is a young 21 year old artist/dark fairytale creator, he is currently working with Alten8 on the Wii and DS versions of Eternity's Child. Eternity's Child is planned to be turned into a animated series, toys, and various merchandise. For each one of his tales he takes inspiration from his life. Apart from Eternity's Child he is also working on various other dark fairytales such as The Rose Princess, Samuel, Manufactured Beauty. www.myspace.com/lucbernard

About Alten8 Limited

Created and operational during 2005, Alten8 Limited is a new force in the development, publishing and distribution of games and other content, across a wide range of formats. Licensing both older titles under its Retro-Soft brand, and all new titles under the Alten8 label. Alten8 is becoming the first port of call for new talent looking for a more flexible way of working. With a wide range of content across PC, Phone, GBA, DS, PSP, PS2 and Wii, either already released, or in development for release during 2007 and beyond. Alten8 also provides business , sales , and media solutions for third party labels , as well as a new range of video content for release starting summer 2007. Visit www.alten8.com <http://www.alten8.com/> for more information.

About Entain8 Limited


Retail sales are changing ... Current sales and distribution companies need to change also...Entain8 aim to be a pioneer in this area ... Welcome to the Future.

Whatever your business needs Entain8 aim to help you achieve your goals. Primarily aimed at the games, DVD and music market, Entain8 aim to be the full sales and distribution answer to your problems. The Company can also provide manufacture and production for your products in a cost effective timely manner. Coming from both a game and DVD background via mother company Alten8, Entain8 know the problems and issues faced by companies and individuals both small and large, also companies trying to gain a foothold in the UK market. Learning from experience and problems faced originally, Entain8 now aim to help others by providing the services Entain8 and Alten8 found so hard to find originally.




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