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Card Set 8, The Fall Of Wizard Kingdom.

As fortunes change, the evil manipulator Galderia's plans come to fruition.  An entire kingdom falls, bringing new villians, heroes, and a new quest for Solar Prince Verlaat... one that seems to be his undoing!  This is Alteil Card Set 8: The Fall of Wizard Kingdom.  The new powers and focus on expanding the capabilities of each Sphere promises to make this set the best yet for increasing your options in the dueling arena!

-60 new cards, with new characters, grimoires and units from each Sphere! 

-New cards are available for level ups, Treasure Battles, in the Card Lottery and Packs and Boxes.

-Set 8 launched with a limited time GOLD BOX for a guaranteed 5 star and better rarity rates.

-Support for older card types like Warrior, Beltorat Kingdom, Wyvern, Monsters, even Mage Soldier and Wild Dog.

-Mermaids and Pixies rise up as major file types.

-New mechanics put a different angle on the cards and how you fight with them!

-Expanded grimoire bane, Sphere level manipulation, SP control and a focus on Open Skills give you infinite flexibility in building your Files and reacting on the fly.

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