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Alawar NewEdge Mobile and Superscape announce long-term collaboration

January 30, Moscow - Alawar NewEdge Mobile, top Russian publisher of mobile games, announces distribution contract and start of a long-term collaboration with Superscape, world leading publisher of 3D mobile games.

"According to our estimates, Russian market has lately become ready for introduction of 3D mobile games," said Vadim Sytnikov, Head of Superscape Russia Branch. "The mobile handsets have improved greatly, and users have got taste of quality mobile content. Thus, we are willing to provide our best 3D mobile games titles for Russian market".

At the present moment, Alawar NewEdge Mobile performs full localization of Superscape mobile games for Russian language. It includes providing Russian equivalents for in-game texts and graphic design; moreover, it deals with optimization of game distributives, as long as the singularities of on-market mobile devices need to be taken into account.

The process of delivery of Superscape mobile games to Russian market will involve several benchmarks. At this stage Alawar NewEdge Mobile has completed localization for Muhammad Ali Boxing 3D and Andretti Racing 3D game. The games have already been launched on the market for sale and distribution, so these world-leading game titles are currently available for Russian users to play.

Other games, such as Alien vs Predator 2D; Ducati 3D Extreme; Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion; Spring Break Surfing 2D; Balls of Fury are to be localized and made available for the users in the nearest future. Afterwards other Superscape games are schemed to be adapted and localized for Russian market.

"Up to these days, Superscape mobile smash-hits have not entered Russian mobile market," comments Olga Znamenskaya, Alawar NewEdge Mobile CEO. "Now we hope that this cooperation will not only reinforce positions of both companies, but will also diversify the range of existing mobile products with high-end alternatives".

About ANEM: Alawar NewEdge Mobile (ANEM) was founded in 2007 through the joint cooperation of Alawar Entertainment (a casual games publisher) and New Edge (a mobile games developer). ANEM specializes in the publication and distribution of mobile games. Its portfolio includes more than 100 high quality games, including mobile versions of casual PC games by Alawar. In addition, the company acts as the exclusive publisher of products developed by New Edge. For more information, please visit www.alawar-newedge.com.

About Superscape: Superscape is the world's leading publisher of 3D mobile games. It is renowned for multiple game projects, published in close cooperation with such big-league majors of modern entertainment industry as 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, Sony Pictures Mobile and Global Wireless entertainment. Superscape's portfolio includes such famed brand titles as Alien vs. Predator, Ali Boxing, AMF Bowling, Andretti Racing, Balls of Fury, Ducati Extreme, The Elder Scrolls - Oblivion, Fight Club etc.

Games published by Superscape are available for download from more than forty network carriers around the world. Innovative patterns of the company played a key role in popularization of entertainment capabilities of 3G mobile networks. The products of Superscape are regarded as an integral part of new mobile services, including Vodafone Live on 3G and Verizon. Read more about Superscape at: www.superscape.com


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