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Alan Wake to utilise 'Project Ten Dollar' style DLC

Microsoft to encourage new sales of upcoming game by bundling DLC voucher

Remedy's Alan Wake is to become the latest title to be bundled with a DLC voucher that can only be redeemed once, encouraging consumers to buy new rather than pre-owned.

The move is a similar one to the much talked about 'Project Ten Dollar', announced by EA earlier this year and implemented into games Dragon Age: Origin and Mass Effect 2, which aims to add value to new copies of retail games.

Microsoft also employed the tactic with Gears of War 2, offering buyers a code for five enhanced multiplayer maps from the original game in order to encourage new sales.

The publisher has said that all standard and collector's editions of Alan Wake, which launches next month, will include an Xbox Live voucher redeemable once against DLC, reports Gamasutra.

However it is yet to give details of exactly what content, or how much of it, will be offered free with the game.

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