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Air Aces: Pacific

Aerial combat sim enters open beta.

WARSAW – April 21, 2010

Air Aces: Pacific Open Beta Took Off. Be one of the brave pilots and KEEP’EM FIRING

Test your skills over the Pacific Islands. Shoot down enemy planes, sunk enemy ships, destroy enemy buildings.

Watch the beautifully crafted Ocean and feel the adrenaline pumping into your veins when dogfighting for your life.

Download the beta of Air Aces: Pacific here



and apply for serial number


Air Aces: Pacific, the aerial combat simulator set up in the Pacific Theatre during the World War II.Air Aces: Pacific comes with a new approach to the arcade PC dogfighting games. The game is focused on providing as many impressions and sensations as possible from the very beginning. In Air Aces: Pacific the player has the possibility to take part in air battles with a hundred of planes and tenths of warships at the same time. Mathematics is taken very seriously in Air Aces: Pacific.

There is no unreal perspective or boosting of planes when they are far away from the player. Everything is realistic. To have the graphics look unlike any game before, Air Aces: Pacific harness an OBE Game Engine by D6Team supported by openGL basics with some adjustments like flares system. This solution allowed us to make the gameplay full of extra amusement. If you take a closer look on the graphics during pretty days in paradise and murky nights full of heavy rain and lightning you will almost see a brush moving and painting everything you can see on the screen.

Wastelands Interactive is an innovative game developer focused on creating attractive and complex grand strategy games. Since its foundation in 2006 the studio has been developing its main title “Bitter Glory”, the ultimate World War II simulator. Meanwhile, two side developments “World War 2: Road to Victory” and “World War 2: Time of Wrath” were finished and gained popularity within the wargaming community. Currently Wastelands Interactive is finishing the development of the third project called “Storm over the Pacific”. The game covers American-Japanese conflict during WWII and is to be released in April 2010. To increase the attention outside of the wargaming community, Wastelands Interactive started to develop new branches of games – Air Aces – with its first title: Pacific. Also in the fourth quarter of 2010 “Bitter Glory” will be available for players. Strategy games have been a passion of the founders of Wastelands Interactive for over 25 years.

Every title created by WI, is a game created by a team of gifted people, experts in their fields, former members of various modding communities and people devoted to history and gaming. Because of its origins, Wastelands Interactive puts great emphasis on collaboration with the gaming community.


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